Business & Charity

Please be sure to read about the ‘BIG IDEA’ halfway down this page…

hashtag_businessVirginWhether you’re a business for marketing and promotional ideas or a charity needing a ‘helping hand’ to raise money and awareness, #Tags can help.

As with so many new ideas, being amongst the first to embrace them will bring ‘you the biggest impact and get the most notice.RBL


If you’re a charity that would like your own unique Original #Tags for a specific campaign or event …then we can help.
We have a small team who can work with you on the project from design to manufacture and we will only charge a small fee to cover our costs ensuring you get the most from your fundraising. To find out more please contact us.

My biggest idea…ever!

We think of the ‘#tag’ idea as an amazing gift of an idea, and this has inspired an even bigger idea, ‘the biggest idea I ever had!’

Hashtags and Hashtag frames are so noticeable; easy to see and identify, who ever makes them. We’ve trademarked the name #tag and hashtags including all  specs and goggles.

We invite the rest of the World to develop, make and market their own versions, with the following caveat:

“Everyone who makes #tags/hastags, markets or sells a hashtag spectacle related product is to set aside 10% of their (gross) earnings (of #tag/hashtag products) to charity or a good cause of their choice; #tags or #tag framed glasses. Retailer, this applies to you too!

If you are going to engage in this new opportunity, please let me know directly; mail me Richard @  

I’m not asking anyone to make less profit, simply add 10% to their sale prices and ring fence this ‘10%’ . This will not interfere with your profit or any current charitable donation arrangements. (For example, If a product manufacturer was going to invoice at £10, make it £11: if the retailer’s usual price was £100 for the frames, make it £110.)

Here’s the exciting prospect of what we can achieve when we all do this.

If spectacle manufacturers, optometrists and retailers  entering into this new market chose to respect this idea and ‘ring-fence’ this new 10% for charity for all Hashtag / #tag related products, in the UK alone, this will create at least £100 Millions of ‘new money’ for charities. Extend this idea across the EU and North America, that 10% could grow to represent  Billions of new money for charities everywhere.  Everybody wins, there are no losers.  

We’ve decided to give 10% of everything we take (net of VAT) to ‘Optometry Giving Sight‘ a charity who are involved in delivering global optical solutions. As we (The Original Hashtag Company) are the first into this marketplace, we own the name in this marketplace, we’d like to introduce this #tithecharitycharter, not formally in writing, but simply accepted and honoured by all involved.

This way, wherever you see a hashtag or hashtag frame, you’ll know that somewhere, it made a difference!

If everyone in my sample group who said ‘yes I’d buy one”  bought just one pair, once  (for Comic Relief/WaterAid/Oxfam etc) and spent just $5 /€5 ..and this same %  were extended across the EU and North America, in an instant, this would raise $3 Billion. 

Manufacturers & Retailers

If you’d like to know if your glasses or sunglasses are #Tag compatible, or want to make sure that any new designs or lines are, please email me directly richard @ originalhashtags. com