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…….the fun, functional and fashionable way to express yourself with your glasses, goggles or sunglasses!



Hi, my name is Richard Richard P&Rand I run an Art Café and music venue called The Drawingroom, just outside of London in a town called Chesham and this is our story.

For no other reason than I thought it might look completely ridiculous, I put two miniature hands onto the ends of my glasses.

Ridiculous or not, instantly they felt great, gently and securely gripping the side of my head behind my ears. In that moment, #tags were born!

Wherever Paula and I travelled people asked where they could buy them; we began to ask how much they’d pay for them? We had numerous conversations about how many countless shapes, logos and applications could be created. Flashing #tags for ravers or cyclists, #tags with Bluetooth for phones, computing or hearing aids and with the shortened #tag frames (see photos) the possibilities were endless. We envisaged #tags as a new Red Nose/Poppy Day fundraising merchandise, as well as a soapbox, a statement of something the wearer believed in, #NoHS2… or promote, essentially a ‘#tag’.

I tried offering the #tags concept to various charities… it fell on deaf ears and only one seemed interested! Frustrated that such a fun idea would be lost and encouraged by the financial support of Steve B, followed by Andrew MS and Paul F (cheers boys) we decided to go it alone.

And so on the 19th Dec 2013 The Original Hashtag Company was born.

We have launched with the #taghand (other shapes will follow) and we hope you will have fun making your glasses and sunglasses, uniquely…your own. How you wear your hashtag or #tag will be up to you, at the end of your glasses behind your ear or nearer your eyes on your temple, they all work.

Please upload your ‘selfie’  with #taghand  so we can find it and join the #tag family as we grow around the World!

We’ve decided to give 10% of everything we take (net of VAT) to ‘Optometry Giving Sight‘ a charity who are involved in delivering global optical solutions. Please see ‘Big Idea’ I’ve written of here…think you might enjoy this. 


IMG_20131128_174135was first drawn by Paul Doyle and then sculpted by Andrew Sinclair  20131202_103809[1] before being moulded here in the UK (Chesham). It is made of a soft TPE (plastic). We’ve investigated having bio-degradable and as yet not found a practical solution.




















Welcome to the Original #Tags draft page!

if you’ve found this, it’s where I’m adding, amending and working on this site, so, nothing too exciting!

Eye wear your way

Eye wear my way












#glassesaccessories   glasses accessories spectacle


Original #Tags are a fun, functional and practical way to have fun with your glasses or sunglasses. They’re glasses accessories with a difference. #Tags will not only transform your glasses (for under a tenner) they’ll make them more comfortable and secure too.


Not only that, when you buy an Original #Tag you’ll be doing some good – because we donate 10% of everything you buy to Optometry Giving Sight (link to: http://givingsight.org/), a charity that works to prevent blindness and impaired vision worldwide.  Browse our website to find out more about #Tags:


Original #Tags

Check out our latest designs and remember we’re the Original #Tag Company. Anything else is a copy and is unlikely to be giving money to charity.  More. (link to Shop)

Our story

Learn the story behind the brand. Where did we come from and what’s the future for #Tags?  More. (link to about us)

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Calling all charities – would you like your own #Tags for fundraising?  We’ll help you make them in any shape or colour. More. (link to Get Involved)

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#Tags: Eye Wear Your Way


Create your own designer glasses for under a tenner with Original #Tags glasses accessories – the fun, functional and practical way to enhance your glasses and sunglasses.


#Tags are made from a comfortable, flexible plastic that stretches to fit most glasses (if want to check if they’ll fit yours please ask) (link to contact us), they cost just £5.99 each (plus P&P) (link to pop up box which will explain different P&P costs depending on country?), and for every one you buy we’ll donate 10% to Optometry Giving Sight (link to: http://givingsight.org/).

Choose from a range of colours and shapes, and keep coming back because we’ll be introducing new #Tag designs soon.  Or if there’s a design or colour you’d really like to see here, please let us know. (link to email address of your choice)






#Tags: Make it personal

You’ve got your Original #Tags, jazzed up your glasses, now share.  Take a selfie and upload your pics on Facebook, tell everyone on Twitter, and help us spread the word.

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#Tags: You care your way

The idea for #Tags was a gift, a moment of inspiration and we really want to share it.


If you’re a charity that would like your own unique Original #Tags for a specific campaign or stunt then we can help. We have a small team who can work with you on the project from design to manufacture and we will only charge a small fee to cover our costs ensuring you get the most from your fundraising. To find out more please contact us.


If you’d like to know if your glasses or sunglasses are #Tag compatible, or want to make sure that any new designs or lines are, please contact us.



Contact us

If you have any questions, or would like more information on Original #Tags glasses accessories please contact one of our team.

For general #Tag enquiries: Email link, 0845 number

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